With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

"The boy" turned five, and it came as no surprise to anyone who's had a conversation with him in the past year that he wanted a superhero birthday party! He's fairly obsessed with all things superhero, and his absolutely favorite is Spiderman.

Will had a great actual birthday (Matt stayed home from work, we went to an indoor play park where he ran into a buddy, and then we celebrated with the family at Aunt Pammie's). But his birthday party was like watching his dreams come true. We had superhero training at an indoor play park, but in reality, it was he and his buddies, playing their hearts out being as rough as they could be and then topping it off with cake, lemonade, and sno-cones! Of course, Mr. glass half-empty nearly had a meltdown because his party was "too short," but at least I knew that he had the time of his life! The highlight of the party was when his friends made a tunnel and he rode a motorized bike through the tunnel of friends chanting …

These Moments

I really want to blog more. I don't know if I can because I am tired. Really more than tired - exhausted to the bone in a way I'm not sure I knew was possible. (For me having a little baby is a walk in the park compared to having a toddler!) But, I want to blog anyway because there is absolutely no way I will remember many of these moments if I don't record them.

I know that to do that I will have to set my standards even lower. I already don't edit my posts (even though I am paid for my editing skills...) because I realized long ago that I could either write and post, still rather infrequently, or write, edit, and post twice a year! Anyway, I want to remember these moments because, crazy as they are, they are wonderful, beautiful and sacred to me.

So, here are my snowbirds playing in the March 2 "blizzard" of 2013! :) Will's comment was, "I feel so sorry for the Africans because they just don't get to play in snow like this." Indeed, I think …

Birthday Princess

Oh my Lillie Pie! You are three years old. I can hardly believe it, as in so many ways, you still seem like my little Baby Mine. But as much as you still love being held and you delight in being rocked and sung to, you really growing up. Three finds you testing the limits a bit, seeing if throwing a fit might get you what you’re hoping for, and I’m trying my best to firmly show you that isn’t the way you should go. Some days are better than others. Three seems to be toughest age for the Roden kiddos (at least the toughest from 8 and under), but like with almost everything in life, three seems a little easier with you. I’m sure a little of it is that we’ve navigated these waters with two other children, and we know a bit more about which battles to pick and which to let go, but I really think the main difference is you.
Lillie, you are without a doubt the kindest, most loving child I’ve ever known. You greet each day with absolute wonder and excitement, and your joy is contagious and l…

First Birthday Gifts

My Precious Lulu,
     You turned one! And I have to say it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, it was really a wonderful day. A small part of me was dreading your first birthday because I know you are my last my baby. I know this is our last first birthday party, our last first bite of cake, our very last year of firsts. But though I leave our last "first" year behind, it's hard to look at it as leaving when really I'm running headlong into more adventures with a baby girl that I know so much more about than I did one year ago. And in addition to the many first birthday gifts you received at your party, I count the many things I've learned about you as God's gifts to me.

I know that you, Lucie White Roden are a born communicator. I've known it for a while now. Like I knew Sophie was full of passion and creativity. Like I knew Will was an incredibly deep thinker. Like I knew Lillie was full of kindness and joy. I know that you are a commun…

Because Sophie's Fingers Are So Tightly Crossed

Sophie is hoping and praying to win the new American Girl doll, Caroline Abbott! She really wants Caroline and Marie-Grace, and she knows it is "inappropriate" to ask for two American Girl dolls for Christmas (I actually agree...), so she has her fingers and toes crossed to win Caroline in a contest and then ask for Marie-Grace!

So, we've entered a contest at Barnes and Noble, and now we are entering one here:

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for Sophie! :)

Zero and holding

Oh, sweet Lulu,

    You are almost 11 months old! This is the last month I will have a baby who, as Sophie says,  is "zero!" Tonight I put you down in the nursery (that you share with Lillie) for the very first time! You are in your small baby bed, but very soon we are moving you into the pink crib! I have new bedding and everything! All that's left is to find a "big girl" bed for Lillie Pie! 

  I know you will probably wind up in bed with me before midnight, but I must admit I'm a little sad that you aren't waiting in my room for me. It was awfully sweet though singing to both you and Lillie after I'd rocked her, nursing you while letting her choose lullabies. I loved saying to her, "Lulu is right here with you," and whispering to you, "your big sister is right here." I think you two girlies are going to be great friends and major partners in crime!

     Not only are you big buddies with Lillie Pie, but you are also crazy about you…

Watch Me Grow Up!

    You have changed so much the past few months! At eight months, you started crawling, but nice and easy, just a little here and a little there. Until you decided to take off. It seemed like you went from slowly winding up on a different side of the living room from where I'd sat you down to truly speed-racing down our long hallway! At the same time, you've gone from happily eating whatever veggie I offer to total frustration that you can't completely feed yourself! You've gone from sitting happily in the middle of the bed with your siblings in the morning to diving for the edge while Daddy and I nearly fall all over ourselves trying to keep you safe! I've whispered in your ear, begging you to slow down, not to grow too fast, but I don't think you are listening. I think the problem may be that your siblings are yelling in your face to follow them, to run and frolic, to get into mischief and mayhem, to grow up alongside them.

Not only have you learned to s…